About Us

INDOMAHSEER is a private owned aquaculture company started in mid 2007 which specialized in providing empurau fish (also known as semah; kelah; or mahseer fishes) to our consumer with the best price and service guarantee. Our products were captured from the wild in the deep forest river and also by captive breeding. We can provide various size and types of empurau fish depending on the climate and seasons for wild caught white empurau with reasonable price and good services.

Nowadays INDOMAHSEER AQUACULTURE also provide not only empurau fish, but also many types of aquaculture and seafood products to our consumer in worldwide. also INDOMAHSEER AQUACULTURE provide aquaculture consultant practice for breeders and growers to established an aquaculture projects, especially for empurau fish.

For Inquiry please contact us at:
Phone  :  +62  812 193 161 88 (International)
Email  :  indomahseer@gmail.com
Skype / Weechat : indomahseer