Empurau Fish / Mahseer Fish / 忘不了 (Tor Tambroides)

Empurau fish (Tor Tambroides) or also known as  忘不了 (wàngliǎo) were our special wild broodstock fish that we focused as consumption fish & ornamental fish because the massive demand of this types of freshwater fish. This type of fish were claimed as the most extraordinary tasted fish and unique as it has edible and beautiful scales, tremendous power, very suitable as “The King of The Rivers” idioms.



Mahseer Fish (Tor Sp.) in general is often known and considered as one of the most expensive freshwater fish in the world. With its brightly colored scales, majestic look and barbells at the tip of its mouth, it is also known as the King of The River. In Indonesia, most people believe that mahseer fish is not only that they are considered to be a live talisman who can brings luck & fortune. It have often believed that these magnificent fish could keep its owner from danger by sometimes dying itself. It also believed as a powerful protector against evil and unluckiness. In Java area, this fish is believed that Mahseer fish or known as “God Fish” by the natives is a reincarnations of the King of Siliwangi’s army, people believed that touching this fish body / scales can bring special blessing. In Sumatra, mahseer fish often known as the “Divine Fish” it said that this fish have a supranatural power and can only be caught by acquiring a special blessing and permission from the caretaker of that sacred place.

Early in java island, empurau fish which by local Javanese people called “kantjra” commonly used specially as a serve for the kings and respectful guest of the King, also empurau fish on that day is often appreciated as a symbol of power and wisdom, and many people believe that person who can eat the fish is only the person who have King or Knight and bloodline relatives and the person who haven’t got these criteria can severe a fatal punishment even it they try just to touch the fish without permissions from the King.


“Garoet (Java) 2400 F. ü. d. M. Der Java Lachs, aus dem Tjimanoek Fluss genannt “Kantrja”. The Java salmon, called “Kantjra” from the river Tjimanoek.”

The word “kantjera” / “kancera” is originated from dutch idioms at that time which is Kan Tjera that means “can be desired” and Kan Djura that means “Can be animal”. Thus the word kantjera / kancera fish means “an animal (fish) that can be very desired” or “a very desired animal”.

Later on the VOC colonial era, Empurau fish or also called “Der Java Lach” (The Java Salmon) by dutch colonial (VOC) were also categorized in main fishery traded commodity by VOC, the fish itself served a high taste delicacy which by the dutch is commonly used in large parties or in big ceremony. Also because its exclusiveness only high ranked dutch officer and European expatriate who can access and obtain the empurau fish.

Internationally, Mahseer fish (international name to empurau fish) usually used as a majestic ornamental fish because it have magnificent bright-colored scales, an attractive body, aggressive yet friendly characteristics that made this fish is a high demand and collectible ornamental fish; in other country mahseer fish have a different market types not only as an ornamental fish but also as an addictive game fish because that mahseer fish known have a tremendous power that can gave addictive thrill for sport fishing enthusiast, some country such as Nepal, India, Malaysia, etc have made a mahseer sport fishing as a national tourism project that attracts many tourist regularly and can contribute significantly to their national income / GDP. Beside used as an ornamental and sport fishing purposes, mahseer fish also commonly used as a premium consumption fish called Empurau by Asian people.

The real empurau fish have an edible scales and a delicate taste with a hint of wild fruit taste in its flesh, in Malaysia, Hongkong, China, etc. empurau fish dish is a high ranked and high demand dish that served for special occasion and for special VVIP people.



Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Teleostomi
Superorder: Ostariophysi
Order: Cypriniformes
Suborder: Cyprinoidei
Family: Cyprinidae
Subfamily: Cyprininae
Genus: Tor
Gray, 1834
Rainboth, 1985
Mirza & Javed, 1985



  • Kelah Fish
  • Mahseer Fish
  • Sapan Fish
  • River Carp
  • Kancera
  • Empurau
  • WàngLiǎo / 忘不了



  • 5 cm ~ 10 cm
  • 10 cm ~ 15 cm
  • 20 cm ~ 25 cm
  • 1Kg ~1.5 Kg
  • 1.5Kg – 2Kg
  • 2Kg – 3Kg
  • > 3Kg UP
  • Monster size >8Kg (Seasonal)





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