Dried Seafood Products (Fish Maw, Abalone, Scallops, Sea Horse, Birds Nest)

INDOMAHSEER AQUACULTURE now added additional dried product on the stock, we provide high quality with best price for our customer around the globe. Our dried products are carefully selected with our person who have years of experience and processed in good order to ensure the quality of the products for our customers satisfactions.

Dried Abalone Dried ScallopsDried Sea Horse Dried Sea Dragon Dried Fish Maw Dried Turtle Meat


flying fish roe (2) BIRDS NEST



  • Dried Abalone (7 Holes & 8 Holes Species)
  • Dried Scallops (Large, Medium, Small Sizes)
  • Dried Sea Horse
  • Dried Sea Dragon
  • Dried Turtle Meat
  • Dried Fish Maw (Threadfin, Kurou, Snapper, Grouper, Eel, Barramundi, Croackers, etc)
  • Dried Fish Roe (Fly Fish roe / Tobiko)
  • Birds Nest (Cleaned, Captive harvest)



For pricing information, reseller opportunity and other useful information about our brood-stock, please don’t hesitate to contact us at :

Phone : +62 812 193 161 88 (International Call Available)
Email : indomahseer@gmail.com
Skype : indomahseer
Address : Jakarta, Indonesia



  • For international purchase available with minimum orders as calculated based by the airlines cargo weighting scale, please send your inquiry and nearest / preferable airport to us
  • For export purposes we provide standard export documentation such as Invoice, Packing List, Quarantine Documentations, please check with your country customs regulations for any additional documents needed.
  • Some products item may need CITES Appendix II Documents.
  • D.O.A (Dead On Arrival) guaranteed, Terms and Conditions applied
  • Price exclude air-freight cost (Port to Port), Export documentations (for Export) & Quarantine Document
  • Please gave us 5-10 days to sorting and preparing cargo documentations